LAST BUCKET LIST? How to Save VOTING in America?

With all the chatter[bull], deception, false accuations---what are the VOTERS to believe & WHO TO TRUST? like Will Rogers [famous humorist from OKLA.]..USED TO SAY "if you want the truth, go to the hearland of our country & talk to the farmer,rancher, who have the...

What,s on Your “bucket list” in Life !

As professional Recreation "Facilitator"  started research on how to stay younger.  Well, you cannot  stop getting older--- but here are some  ways to stay more mental & physcially fit.  You must always include exercise at least 10 minutes a day which stimulates the...

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It is a LIMITED number of ENTRIES --- and WIN a prize worth $100.-One to 700 Yes --GREAT opportunity----SO send in your business name [in 12pt type] plus email address for this box drawing; better than a PCH contest of 500,000. The online sponsor is

How do U start a “Bucket List”?

Well, list all the things you want to do over the next 10 years.  Looking back over time there were a few things accomplished over 20 years; so I will start with a few older ones.  As an Aquarius, liking water and lakes, became a WSI [Water Safety Instructor] to teach...

College grad; first—get a job !

As an eager grad...I had several goals;  get a sales job in advertising using my Liberal Art skills.  Learn to motivate clients using my Art & business skills for their business. [ NOTE; LOOKING BACK OVER 30 YEARS OF ACHIEVEMENTS...this was the start of "my bucket...

A-L-E-A-R-T to individuals, investors, small businesses

This is an embarrassing testament from a small businessman [one I will not make again], I was looking on the Internet for an investment; was pointed to  and it looked legal with a USA 800 #  and 4 international numbers where you could invest [my small...

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