This is an embarrassing testament from a small businessman [one I will not make again], I was looking on the

Internet for an investment; was pointed to  and it looked legal with a USA 800 #  and 4 international

numbers where you could invest [my small $275] and make a profit in months;  BIG  MISTAKE…when I checked my

bank print-out….my deposit went to a LONDON bank.  Cancelled my credit card & sought information on the 800# listed. has no person or phone # in USA, no address, no fax #, only an email address.  After 12 emails of ID, Credit card data [minus numbers]

you could only email 5 people which didn’t meet their requirements so ?lost money;  DO  NOT  FALL  FOR  THIS  SCAM.

[ they are out of Dominic republica as an ABC marketing co]– after filing a fraudulent bank report, a FED. ic3 complaint  I have lost my money.

Please PASS  ON  MY  TESTAMENT  to ALL your CONTACTS.  Now I only deal with reputable [proven] firms like and buy

known products from  in recognized firms in 8 catalogue’s.