As an eager grad…I had several goals;  get a sales job in advertising using my Liberal Art skills.  Learn to motivate clients using my Art & business skills for their business. [ NOTE; LOOKING BACK OVER 30 YEARS OF ACHIEVEMENTS…this was the start of “my bucket list of things to do.”  You know the film with rich man,

Jack Nickolson, and poor man, Morgan Freeman, listing THINGS they wanted to do.  My “list” was not wanting to work nights as a Insurance agent.

After interviewing, became a Tulsa city employee in Park & Recreation under superordinary leader  George Taylor.  Through training under Donna Watson

Recreation leaders became “facilitators” and guide volunteer community councils to achieve objectives.  Like cultural programs & instructors plus I used

college football skills to find parents, & learn with them, to coach kids.  At the time baseball & softball were dominate in playing field use.  My son had lung &

heath problems so he became an excellent swimmer and learn soccer skills thru clinics. I went on to produce the department manual to help recreation leaders

form 4 teams for parents who wanted their kids  to play at least one-half the game in this new soccer sport. At the same time We printed up a one-half page

flyers going out to all eastside schools & the Eastside Soccer Club went from 400 to 1200 players.  Through leadership abilities, became proficient

& loved to motivate students learn determination and achieve skills.  At that time there was no websites for  equipment, uniforms  like today’s

“” for individuals for kids in sports, electronics, or parents who wanted items for home decor & entertainment.  On another topic, as

a club leader the dads[coaches] learned to learn the soccer rules & play in the  Eastside Soccer Club.  Other teams formed a city-wide MESS LEAGUE

[Mens Enjoyable Soccer Society], a very great way to stay in physcial shape. With not enough playing fields for 4 sports I contacted Tulsa Public Schools

athletic director & wrote up a plan to develop soccer fields and eliminate the conflict with baseball & softball.  One topic was to develop soccer fields for high

schools in 2 years.  After that was accomplished as club president, approached the Heavy Equipment Training Company & got the trainees to move dirt and

shape 100 Yd. X 70 yd. playing surfaces. As 12 fields developed each age group of parents took on the planting/seeding their fields in the spring rains.  I am

proud to say the club hosted city & state tournaments which gave us money to improve our needs for the complex.  In fact, David Roof & Joe Soloman,

2 dad’s & coaches developed a “soccer field stripping business” for several leagues and they still exist today!  SO what’s next for my “bucket list”.