Well, list all the things you want to do over the next 10 years.  Looking back over time there were a few things accomplished over 20 years; so I will

start with a few older ones.  As an Aquarius, liking water and lakes, became a WSI [Water Safety Instructor] to teach young people how to swim in a pool.

After learning to dog paddle then strokes  to stay afloat, how to put a lift vest so you are ready for going to the lake. As a professional  Park & Recreational 

leader to teach important lake safety techniques.  In an aquatic school you learn to paddle a canoe & sailing methods for going to lakes; so ARC [Amer. Red

Cross] taught me to become  a Sailing Instructor.  That was one of my first bucket lists” so we could teach parents/kids to be safe on lake outings,.. too

many individuals drown on lakes.  At the annual Boat & Outdoors show, Joe Straight, an ARC employee, opened a booth showing sailing films & we signed up

320 adults the art of sailing. Back then we did not have a website like bargainsnow247.com to reward enrollment  with a prize, but they were eager to learn a

new lifetime water sport.  After  4 indoor sessions learning knots, sailing terms & techniques, how to manipulate a plastic boat on a table, they had 2 or 3 lake

sessions on 14 ft. Dolphin single mast sailboats. With lots of sunscreen individuals learned to overboard in the water, always stay with the craft, and absorb

water safety methods. Like a boat/sailing craft always have the starboard tack right away on the lake. ALSO, that most large or speed boats do NOT follow

regulation & that’s where lake patrols are important.  It is a lifetime water sport and do use bargainsnow247 to find all of your outdoor, home, or sports needs.