As professional Recreation “Facilitator”  started research on how to stay younger.  Well, you cannot  stop getting older-
but here are some  ways to stay more mental & physcially fit.  You must always include exercise at least 10 minutes a day
which stimulates the internal systems.

In looking for new products and methods I came across the XENESTA LIFE series which Dr. Kyle Smith,famous nutritionist, has a patent on
these products.  Go thru the site and see what “Memory Works” can do.  After signing up for a 3-pack sample I now
use it on a monthly basis; your mental attitude is stimulated for better performance [there are some phyical benefits too].  The bioenergetics &
binomial ingredients boosts the mental energy using science-based product from national known Dr. Kyle.

His “Memory Works”  berry flavored  powder mixed in with a 16 oz.of clear water.  You can also add flavors like grape, orange, etc.—,plus
add ice, to suit your taste.  This mental  performance lifts a dull attitude to an all-day bioenergetics level [better than a 4 hr. energy drink].

Prove it to yourself, get a 3-pk. sample  and you  will become a monthly customer; perhaps become a “Brand Partner” like me and make it
a business to help other friends or adults enhance their lifestyle.

Go back to the XenestaLife site and learn about this Corporation,s lifetime mission Also learn about the next products,like X-Fuel where you take 2 oz. sip
out-of-water bottle, add X-fuel, shake it  up, be entergized for a walk or run.  It also enhances focus, decreases mental fatigue,etc.—; this one
is a must test for my next blog